Custom Concrete Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Synthesis designed and produced world's most advanced fire pit!

This ultimate outdoor fire pit is made to fire up client's evenings & celebrations.
It is the result of dedicated designing, 3D modeling, mould and concrete making, wiring & electronics, programming, and of course, a lot of experiments, tests, sleepless nights and much love and enjoyment.

It is a LPG gas fire pit with dual gas tanks incorporated in the fire pit body.
We designed, installed and programmed all the electrical and electronical components.
Fire can be controlled with a smartphone or just by touching the concrete shell in the right spot.
We also made an automatic ignition system that starts or restarts the fire if extinguished by the wind.
The system is programmed to automatically shut off the whole system if the gas tank's temperature is too high or if gas leakage is detected. 
A forced air fan is turned on every time the fire is ignited to recirculate air under fire pit and to cool down the components.
Indirect illumination can also be turned ON/OFF or adjusted by touching the concrete.
Sound signals and laser projection on the floor reports status and alarms to the user.

Outer shell is made of our ultra high performance concrete. The surface is acid etched and impregnated to protect the concrete from dirt.
The bearing construction and all metal parts are made from marine grade stainless steel.
The base shell is laser-cut and engraved from special weather resistant matte black acryic.

  • Client: Private Client - B. B.
  • Date: 2021-02-03 to 2021-04-15
  • Address: , Zadar, Croatia
  • Location: Open in Google Maps
  • Primary category: Design & Production
  • Type: Outdoor Kitchen / Fireplace
  • Industry: Private
  • Acquiring: Order
  • Status: 40 - Completed
  • Cooperant:

    Acrylic parts - LaserPlexx

  • Used technologies:
    • 3D Model
    • Building Supervision
    • CAD
    • CAM / Prototyping
    • Concept
    • Cost Control
    • Electrics / Electronics
    • Graphic Design
    • Photography / Panorama
    • PrePress
    • Product Design
    • Production
    • Programming
    • Project Management
    • Rendering
    • Research / Analysis
    • Testing
    • Training