Technologies │ Materials

In our projects we use different materials such as wood, all kinds of metal, glass, polymers and different types of composites. We synthesize them with electronics, smart devices, etc.

But mostly, we use our favorite material - CONCRETE.

It is a unique material that combines the organic characteristics of natural stone with the ability to be cast into any shape and form.
Using precise blends of ingredients, admixtures and tints it can be manufactured in a vast spectrum of designs and finishes.

Most of our projects need a use of different skills, such as:

• Carpentry and sophisticated mold production
• Metalwork
• Mixing and application of materials
• Different processing
• Advanced materials processing
• Concrete production
• Finishing
• Electronics production
• Programming

For production we use a variety of tools & technologies including:

• Drilling & cutting
• Heating & bending
• CNC milling, 3D-printing
• Grinding & polishing
• Gluing & screwing
• Soldering and welding
• Fabric forming
• Mixing & advanced materials processing
• Casting, spraying, pumping
• Painting & waxing
• Assembly & packaging