The Process

We love working with other architects and designers, as we always push each other’s boundaries: challenging, complex and innovative design inspires us to succeed in finding innovative solutions.
Our main focus is directed on the exact realization of your and our imagination of the object. To achieve complex tasks, we can rely on a network that enables the realization and handling of most complex projects.

We often enter projects during the early stages of the design process to identify ways to optimize efficiency, refine details, reduce costs and streamline the construction schedule. Leveraging our deep understanding of 3D modeling and parametric tools, we can supplement our clients’ digital skill sets to help them achieve their design intent.

We have a creative approach to modern technologies and materials with uncompromising results and we pride ourselves in taking on challenges others would reject - challenges such as complex projects and tight deadlines.

On the basis of the data obtained, calculations are made an offer is drawn up to give the client an idea of the costs involved.

Concepts of a comprehensive solution proposal are made, presented to client and discussed together.

  • 01 Input ...

    The first step in our projects is to ensure that all your needs are met!

    • intended use
    • material and strength requirements
    • quantity & deadlines
    • cost evaluation and control

    The purpose of client consultation is to discuss the project in detail..

  • 02 Design │ CAAD ...

    Owing to our valuable experience in integrating form and function, each design flows from the company’s deep-rooted aesthetic principles.

    Based on the client consultation, a tailor-made concept is created and all necessary details for the planning itself are worked out.

    Individual solutions are worked out and different options are presented. 

    Depending on clients’ ideas and wishes, project specific criteria are developed and designed to meet the requirements of a sustainable and economical project. 

    • Concept planning
    • Design development & solution finding
    • Turning the idea into a feasible product
    • Comparison of the design with production technology
    • Advice on technical possibilities
    • Approval and workshop planning

    All our projects begin with:

    • Ideas and sketches
    • Scale models to test shape, size and texture.

    Digital development of product shapes, textures and colors is an essential part of the design process and simplifies overview of the final product & combination possibilities.

    • 2D drawing
    • 3D modeling
    • BIM (Building Information Modeling)
    • Parametric modeling
    • 3D analysis, simulations & visualizations
    • 3D static calculations & building physics
    • Audio and energy calculations
    • 2D/3D animation & video
    • Virtual reality

    Projects involving production of concrete also include:

    • Mold design & planning
    • Mix design calculations

  • 03 Prototypes │ Mock-ups │ Samples…

    Our favorite part is turning ideas and concepts into reality. That is why we love prototyping.
    Some specific projects require approval before production starts. In souch cases we make samples.

    We use samples for:

    • Development of tailor-made textures and shapes
    • Sampling of colors, surfaces and textures

    • Rationalisation in transfer of design from 3D model
    • Optimisation of the parts
    • Comparison of production parameters

    • Development of the element structure
    • Development of individual solutions
    • Simulation of assembly steps
    • Organization of the production

    • Evaluation of optical expectations and performance
    • Technical testing & simulations

  • 04 Testing ...

    In order to find problems and work toward the best possible solutions we make various test samples.
    The samples are then tested, some in-house, some at specialized laboratories:

    • Compression strength
    • Tensile or flexural strength
    • Dimensional stability and thermal expansion
    • Hardness, wear and scratch resistance
    • Slip resistance
    • Slump tests
    • Air content
    • Water permeability and penetration
    • Water and oil absorption
    • Thermal conductivity & dissipation
    • Electrical conductivity
    • Stain resistance
    • Flammability
    • Corrosion and biological deterioration
    • Sound conduction & dissipation
    • Color fastness

  • 05 Fabrication │ Casting ...

    We are proud of our expertise, willingness to experiment and commitment to precision.

    Most of our products are handmade, in small series.
    For production, we use a variety of tools and crafts including CNC milling, 3D-printing, carpentry, welding, sophisticated mold-making and advanced materials processing.

    In addition, we regularly keep up to date with important new publications and scientific knowledge in the field. from around the world as well.
    We experiment with the latest technologies and implement them in production.

    Fabrication of concrete
    A product made of concrete is only as good as the mold from which it was cast.
    Understanding this, Synthesis puts in extra effort in the production of complex custom molds, achieving superb results with every cast.

    Mixing and applying concrete is complex and requires special treatment of surfaces as well as precise form work, carefully done by hand.

    Achieving consistent mixes with our specially developed blends of cements, admixtures, aggregates and tints is a highly skilled process. Serving up impeccable standards every time, we mix, pour and manage custom settings for each batch of products.

    • Mixing
    • Casting
    • Care during hydration time
    • Extracting from the mold
    • Tooling
    • Protective care

  • 06 Delivery │ Installation ...

    Our products are mostly made ExWorks, because we make them for the international market, but if your project is complex and you have questions regarding the installation, we can offer consultancy service or even in some cases, on site installation.