Synthesis is a forward thinking and unconventional boutique architecture & design practice / studio / atelier that focuses on production.
Synthesis is the place where architectural and design theory and practice are integrated into an interdisciplinary environment.

We thrive on challenges, excel at bespoke tasks and have the experience, talent, technology and luxury of crafting with love to turn your vision into reality.

We offer total design with an exclusive personal touch and individual treatment of the client.
All our customers have extraordinary experience from start to finish. Our client is always treated the same, whether a large multinational company or an individual, makes no difference to us.

We have experience with international companies & private clients.

Our process is client-specific, adaptive and driven by a diversity of deep knowledge, untethered from any stylistic or formal agenda. This allows us to work out of bounds, using new tools and materials to generate unique outcome.

Our expertise lies in working across a wide range of areas, materials, techniques and technologies producing customized projects no matter how complex the task is.

We design and manufacture various elements which are at the very top of the line in terms of innovation, design and quality.

By focusing on design for people, we are committed to exceed our clients’ expectations and their initial project aspirations. Through the creative design process, we see every project as an opportunity to achieve design excellence and improve quality of life.

  • Background …

    Synthesis was established at the beginning of 2003, after than ten years of experience in a wide range of services.

    Our knowledge includes a wide range of disciplines:

    • Architecture
    • Art
    • Graphic design
    • Web design, multimedia & programming
    • Product and industrial design
    • Engineering and technology
    • CAAD & 3D modeling
    • Computer simulations & visualizations
    • Programming
    • Research and development
    • Execution & organization of projects
    • Fabrication
    • Lectures & training

    All of the above allows us to tackle each new project and seek solutions from various, often unusual angles and thus solve even the most difficult tasks and bring a unique versatility to our practice.

    The scale, diversity and global reach of our new projects were unimaginable years ago, yet many of the issues that excited us in the early days continue to inform what we do today.

  • Profile …

    Synthesis is an interdisciplinary forward thinking and unconventional architecture & design practice with a focus on production.

    Our areas of expertise are:

    Architectural design / Interiors

    • Residential
    • Hospitality
    • Corporate / Office
    • Commercial / Retail
    • Open space / Exterior

    Product, industrial & graphic design

    • Furniture
    • Outdoor & landscape elements
    • Shows / Booth
    • Signage
    • Smart Devices

    Concrete design & production

    • Building elements
    • Interior / Exterior furniture
    • Lighting / Devices
    • Decorative elements

    The studio is focused on architectural spaces, furniture, landscape elements through the design and fabrication of custom commissions.

    We specialize in:

    • Innovative thinking, creative and meticulous (wide area of experience in different fields).
    • Extensive knowledge of architectural, product and multimedia design.
    • Vast experience in CAD and 3D programs, excellent presentation skills.
    • Extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of special concrete (properties, mix design, application).
    • First-class analytical, design and problem solving skills.
    • Navigation of complex challenges [and wicked problems] with a bias towards the development of custom solutions.
    • Capability of accurate execution of extremely creative and detailed designs, complex geometry, digital fabrication, procedural techniques such as scripting and fabric forming.
    • Combining different technologies into a smart solutions product ( electronics, input sensors, processors, output devices, programming and networking).
    • Capability to manage projects with time critical path, respecting deadlines and agreements.
    • Devoting extraordinary attention to every project, dedication to maintaining high quality standards, paying attention to details.
    • Producing innovative design work that not only challenges convention through technological, material and computational innovation, but also work that purposefully enlivens the public imagination and makes a case for the role of innovated architecture in our contemporary creative design culture.

  • Philosophy …

    We enjoy collaboration, open dialogue and challenges to traditional preconceptions; thus we can expand our clients’ ambitions and produce groundbreaking work.
    Our approach is focused on developing close partnerships and inventive solutions that produce unprecedented results.

    During a design process we explore both structure and material performance in the environment of contemporary society and cultural values.
    We ask a series of thought-provoking questions that identify problems to solve through design.

    We work in a research spirit, challenging prejudices and testing conventions. We see constraints as opportunities to question the status quo.
    The process of ‘reinventing’ distinguishes all of our work – past and present – and rests on a duty to design well and to design responsibly – whether that is at the scale of a building or a coffee cup.
    Furthermore, as a design/production oriented company, we take great interest in actively discussing and developing new forms of designs and application where conventional methods have failed.

    The catalyst for any major advancement in the disciplines of architecture and design has been a parallel advancement of technology & science.
    We take advantage of the merging creative, intellectual, and technological design processes with cutting-edge technologies, intelligent fabrication and construction techniques to create beautifully crafted designs.

    Blurring the line between architecture, design, and art is our daily activity.
    Each of our projects is a unique opportunity to integrate diverse and often opposing conceptions and constraints into a coherent whole.
    Our desire is to unite passion, art and technology trough details, finesse, performance and emotions in each project.
    We take a highly flexible approach to our work, shaped by the unique constraints and opportunities of each project, to create meaningful & beautiful functional product.

    We try to inspire people through the way they experience the environment in time, space, and form.
    We strive to balance both the experimental and the visionary with the practical and the pragmatic in order to achieve the extraordinary.
    We use design, research and fabrication to produce creative and social impact.
    We follow our mission in every decision — from selecting clients and collaborators to selecting materials and technology. It is embedded in each and every project.

    Your vision is our mission!

  • Sustainability │ Responsibility …

    Sustainability is a word that has become fashionable over the last decade. However, sustainability is not a matter of fashion, but survival.

    We all clearly have a role to play in this equation.
    While architects and designers cannot solve all the world’s ecological problems, we can design energy efficient, socially responsible manner.

    Sustainability requires us to think holistically. The location and function of a building; its flexibility and life span; its orientation, form and structure; its heating and ventilation systems and the materials used; together impact upon the amount of energy required to build and maintain it. Only by finding new solutions to these problems can we create sustainable forms of building for the future.

    Importantly, sustainability also implies a way of building that is sensitive to its location and the culture that has shaped it.

    All of the above also applies to products of a smaller scale, like urban furniture or devices.

    We constantly seek to develop our performance in this direction. We have taken steps to minimize the energy our own studio and workshop consume, while improving conditions for our team.

    Although we are dealing with concrete that is not so “green” in its production. Synthesis UHPC is a sustainable material that uses less energy to manufacture and substantially less water in the fabrication,  thus resulting in a low CO2 load and a minimal greenhouse effect.

    Our products also have thinner cross sections and are lighter than conventional concrete, so we usie considerably lower material quantity and that also has a positive influence on manipulation and transport.

  • Divisions …

    From our 500 sqm facility in Zagreb, we provide comprehensive services to architectural designers, real estate leaders, artists, creative teams and private clients.

    Our work requires a multidisciplinary approach, which  intertwined  puts designing, prototyping, research & development, and fabrication at the root of our creative process.

    Because of all services located in one place, and a smaller team of experts we are able to design, r&d and fabricate in a very short time, and that is unimaginable for larger companies.

    Our business premises are split between a creative showroom and a meeting place, studio, and workshop. This enables a unique sort of radical pragmatism — experimenting with new possibilities as they’re imagined.

    Showroom │ Meeting Place




    Workshop │ Laboratory